Renewable Energy

Energy consumption has increased due to the Syrian refugee crisis which has impacted Jordan’s infrastructure. Jordan imports nearly all their power requirements so providing electricity and gas to meet the increase demand, increases the cost of electricity and gas to everyone.

Jordan Project solution of implementing renewable energy is part of the overall plan to lower operational costs and assist in meeting Jordan’s renewable energy emphasis. Jordan Project wants to lead in bringing in technology to help during this crisis. The current plan is to design small solar systems to power agricultural equipment for each residential building. Additionally, solar will be used for basic functions like water heating. Image11These small measures will help keep costs down for apartment residents. The main goal is to build a 500KW solar field to power self-sustainment. Any excess generated electricity could be sold back for income generation. Jordan has initiatives to utilize renewable energy so it fits within the government’s Energy Master Plan. Although still in the planning stages, a solar field could produce enough electricity to power the community, and depending on its size, may led to the possibility of selling surplus renewable power.