It is difficult for refugees to get basic medical care, much less physical therapy and counseling for their many issues. If there is a major medical issue, the only solution is for the refugee to return to the refugee camp. Since a majority of the refugees live on the economy, and there is no subsidy, many suffer devastating effects from usually treatable illnesses. Many suffer needlessly due to the lack of availability of facilities and care givers. With the afflictions of war, there is a great need for physical therapy and counseling as well.

Jordan Project Solution is not to just provide basic services but to improve the overall well-being and care of the refugees. Jordan Project will be partnering with medical organizations to bring about the best care possible. Part of the design is to build residential apartments to house medical teams which will help facilitate bringing in proper caregivers.

The plan is to build both medical and physical therapy dedicated areas. The medical services provided will be similar to what a family doctor or “Urgent Care” facility could offer. Physical therapy will help those recovering from major injuries or help patients improve their overall well-being. Dietary services is another area that will be included in the solution.