Affordable Housing

Image1The need for affordable housing is one of the driving factors that initiated the Jordan Project. With the population in Mafraq doubling and almost tripling, housing costs for apartments have risen at an alarming rate. Costs are close to three times what they should be and often for substandard housing in many cases. With no real competition and nowhere to go, Syrians are forced to pay high rent depleting their limited funds quickly. Sometimes housing can be an old lambing shed or a unfinished two room cinder block apartment with no windows or doors that houses several families. Additionally, the high rates create an environment for women to be exploited.

Image2Jordan Project Solution is to initially build 100 apartment units. The approach is to keep rent reasonable for ideal living conditions. The apartments are laid out with a floor plan that is culturally sensitive and provides areas for security and community on the premises. The design will be multi-level apartment buildings with handicap accessible units on the ground floor. Handicap accessibility is new to this area and will be a welcomed feature in Mafraq.