Who We Are and What We're About

It started with a news article in August of 2013- the first chemical attack in Syria which murdered over a thousand. My heart mourned for the families of the lost. Deceased children with white foam crusted to their lips plastered my brain. Praying for the Syrians my heart was moved to “GO”. Two months later, I landed for the first time in the Middle East to serve Syrian refugees in Mafraq, Jordan.

One trip turned into 6 trips and a burning passion for the hurting: mothers who’ve lost their husbands and sons, and meeting those whose limbs have been severed. I’d feel the bombs and imagine the screams of distress. God began to call me deeper into love for the Syrians. I may not be able to change the war, but God called me to help.

The emergency relief workers are exhausted and Syrians are still coming into Jordan EVERYDAY. Inflation of food and housing has caused a health threat to the Syrians living in Mafraq. Basic medical needs are not being met, and men are working illegally to provide crumbs for their families (it’s illegal for refugees to work in Jordan). Taking this all into consideration, God put together a “Mission Possible” team of like-minded engineers, architects, lawyers, investors, nutritionists, agriculturalists (and others I’ve probably failed to mention) from all parts of the world, and we’ve created the Jordan Project: A communal design that feeds, houses, provides basic medical needs, and that gives refugees an outlet with which to trades and barter.

Though our main focus is the refugees, our modular design makes it easy for organizations and companies to create sustainable living spaces.

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Various Forms of Contact

If you must get hold of us for any reason we offer multiple way depending on your need. We have our Social Media areas where you can find more contacts and extra information. You can email us at our main email address. You can submit a help desk ticket for anything related to this website or for any reason you feel important enough to submit a ticket for. And you can call or write us anytime.

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